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Lycoming County offers housing to suit your lifestyle and is extremely affordable
in comparison to other communities. Lycoming County also offers available commercial and industrial property close to rail lines, Interstate highways and water supplies. A great real estate combination that exceeds your expectations for a better way to live, work and grow.

There are many reliable sources available in Lycoming County to help with all your relocation and real estate needs. Our area is unique to offer a wide range of housing options to choose from. Lycoming County, a great place to live!

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Lycoming County has both commercial and industrial properties available that will meet your needs. We welcome you to contact our Economic Development office for detailed information on available properties or view our recently upgraded property database PennSiteSelect.
Penn SiteSelect

The Brownfield Initiative
In 2007 the Lycoming County Commissioners secured a $200,000 grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and developed a team to take a county-wide inventory and assessment of potential Brownfield sites. The objective was to re-utilize sites that could stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities. These sites, many of which are former manufacturing sites, are in close proximity to many forms of transportation, have direct access to large amounts of water, electricity, sewer and telecom.

With the help of the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program, area businesses, communities and DEP have partnered together to Brownfield properties into social and economic opportunities. The development of these underutilized properties offer advantages to all concerned; the investor, the community and local job seekers.