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Leadership Lycoming - Community Advisor

As a complement to the core program, the Leadership Lycoming Community Advisor Program provides a cadre of community leaders who function as role models to advise, assist, and support class participants. In this capacity, Community Advisors afford a personal example of commitment to, and involvement with, the community.

As part of their responsibility, advisors meet with class participants on a regular basis in order to share current information about the community, its resources, issues and opportunities, as well as to introduce participants to their place of business or volunteer service, and provide networking opportunities for participants through appropriate introductions or contacts. Additionally, advisors identify opportunities for class members to become involved in the community and facilitate their participation in various organizations. Since its inception in 1987, the Community Advisors Program has been an integral part of Leadership Lycoming's success.

If you have skills that you would like to share or want more information about becoming a Community Advisor, please contact Sharon Jones, Leadership Lycoming Coordinator.