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Leadership Lycoming - Program Structure

The Leadership Lycoming program opens with a two-day retreat in September that emphasizes communication processes, leadership effectiveness, and our complex matrix of community organizations. Once a month, from October through May, participants attend day-long sessions on such topics as:

Health & Human Services Program
Introduces participants to the Human Services System, the organizations that make up the system and issues facing our region now and in the future.

Law and the Judiciary Program
Introduces participants to the structure of law, law enforcement and judicial systems, how each functions, the major issues, and the nature of future systems.

History and Arts
Through visits to museums, galleries, and the theatres, learn about Lycoming County's rich history and discover why the Williamsport/Lycoming County area is deemed a historic and cultural center.

Leadership and Community Service Program
Participants gain a detailed understanding of the responsibilities of board membership, and discuss the election process required to become a public official.

Business and Economic Development Program
Learn about the process of economic development, the organizations involved in the process and the issues facing our region now.

Educational Program
Gain a broad-based understanding of the educational delivery system; the issues, problems and opportunities facing all levels and patterns of schooling.

Government Program
Gain an understanding of the structure of local and state government, the existing political processes and the critical issues facing public officials.

Environmental Issues Program
Gain a detailed understanding of the complex problems associated with protecting our environment while maintaining our high quality of life.

The program concludes with a closing session in June, during which graduates evaluate their experiences and set the stage for their roles in active service.