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Relocation Information - Utilities

5 Water Authorities - 1-570-323-6148

• Largest - Williamsport Municipal Water Authority, Williamsport, PA
• 2 stream impoundments and a series of 8 wells
• Total capacity of the streams and wells is 12.9 million gallons daily
• Storage in reservoirs is 20.6 million gallons and an additional 1.06 billion gallons from 2 impounding dams
• The Authority completed a new filtration plant in 1992

For more information, go to www.wmwa-wsa.org

Schedule 1A - Rate Schedule
First 5,000 gallons, per quarter
Next 45,000 gallons, per quarter
All over 50,000 gallons, per quarter
$ 3.90 / 1000 gal
$ 3.53 / 1000 gal
$ 3.37 / 1000 gal

UGI Penn Natural Gas

• Supplies the Williamsport area with natural gas
• Natural gas has a caloric value of 1020 BTU per cubic foot and an average specific gravity of .585

For more information, go to www.ugi.com

UGI Penn Natural Gas Rate Schedule 1

Contract Customer Charge
Regular Customer Charge
Next 29,900 CCF
Next 70,000 CCF
All Additional
$77.94 / month
$ 11.75 / month
$ 1.00941 / CCF
$ 0.97135 / CCF
$ 0.94745 / CCF

1Rates affected by current economic situation

PPL Electric Utilities - 1-800-DIAL-PPL

• Current deregulation of electrical service providers may result in lower rates
• Facilities continue to be owned and maintained by PPL

For more information, go to www.pplweb.com

Current PPL Customer Rate Schedule

Customer Charge
First 200 KW hours
Next 600 KW hours
All Additional
$2.640 per KW hr
$2.387 per KW hr
$2.242 per KW hr

Lycoming County Landfill - 1-800-326-9571

• State-of-the-art double-lined landfill facility
• The County Solid Waste System is a multi-technology, multi-county system that accepts a wide range of non-hazardous industrial wastes at rates among the lowest in Pennsylvania
• In-plant professional waste minimization and waste disposition advisory services are provided to industrial customers

Comcast - 1-800-266-2278

• Digital Cable
Nearly 75 channels of premium service
Over 38 digital pay-per-view channels
45 channels of CD quality digital music
Local Sports, Weather, Broadcast networks

• Cable Modem
Complete Internet access at home
Lightning fast access and constant connection

For more information, call or visit www.comcast.com.

- 1-800-660-7111

• Responsible for providing network access throughout the greater Williamsport, Montoursville, and western Lycoming County areas
• 100% digital switching network and aggressive deployment of fiber optic technology enables them to support a full range of voice, video and data services such as ISDN, T-1, ATM, SMDS, 56 Kb-Switched, and multi-point DDS in addition to all basic Verizon services including Centrex, Custom Calling, Voice Mail, Caller ID, and other CLASS features. Deployment of redundant, self-healing SONET fiber rings in both the local and inter-office networks assures customers uninterrupted transmission of critical voice, video and data signals

For more information, call or visit www.verizon.com.

Note: There are several Internet providers and cellular phone/pager services operating in Williamsport and Lycoming County.